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Advantages of ProSPIN

The ProSPIN system provides significant capabilities and advantages not only for yarn producers but also for yarn users.

Yarn and Spinning

  • Higher yarn breaking tenacity up to 20%
  • USTER S3 hairiness reduces by up to 70%, USTER H hairiness reduces by up to 25%
  • Improvements on yarn unevenness and IPI values
  • Possibility of reducing yarn twist by up to 10% therefore higher production speed
  • Possibility of producing less twisted yarn [up to 2.8 αe]
  • Less fibre fly at spinning mill
  • End-breaks rate reduces by up to 50%
  • Acquisition of the requires yarn characteristics by using raw materials with lower quality
  • Pnomofil waste reduces by up to 70%
  • Optimum utilisation of fibre raw material and its characteristics
  • Acquisition of the same yarn characteristics with lower combing noil
  • Carded ProSPIN yarn instead of Combed yarn
  • Fewer clearer cuts in winding due to fewer end - breaks in ring spinning machine
  • Higher winding speed

Weaving and Knitting

  • Sizing is reduced or even eliminated
  • Higher productivity at weaving - knitting processes
  • Up to 30% lower end-breaks rate in warp and weft
  • Less contamination/accumulation of fly on the weaving and knitting machines
  • Less waxing due to less hairiness
  • Fewer needle break on the knitting machine


  • Singeing is reduced or even eliminated
  • Dye batch absorption improves, less dye batch requires


  • Higher fabric strength
  • Less pilling tendency
  • High brightness level
  • Clear and clean print quality
  • Clearer stitch structure
  • Clearer weaving structure and more defined contours
  • Better touch of fabric
  • Possibility of developing new products
  • Better stability of shape
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