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ProSPIN Technology

ProSPIN technology is based on bifurcation of a roving, feeded into a unit installed on a ring yarn machine, by means of a compactor at the outlet of drawing system and confluence of two groups of fiber compactly flowing out in two lines in a manner to form the yarn by taking the twist originating from ring - ring traveller system. 

Regardless of the fact that it has characteristics similar to compact spinning, in terms of yarn characteristics obtained and facilities provided, ProSPIN system involves outstanding distinctions and additional advantages. 

ProSPIN system is designed for the production of CARDED and COMBED yarns within the range of medium and medium - corse counts, not fully included by the existing compact yarn spinning systems. Compaction of masses (especially CARDED) containing fibers exceeding a certain number in the cross - section by using the existing compact spinning systems, fails to achieve the required success due to either geometrical reasons or excessive consumption of air. ProSPIN, eliminates such dissatisfaction by bisecting the fiber mass in a controlled manner followed by a seperate compaction. 

In the ProSPIN system, as distinct from most commonly used compact spinning systems, compaction of fiber mass is done without need of air suction. This, all by itself, provides advantage in spinning cost. Due to restriction of roving traverse movement, top rollers swiftly erode in all compact spinning systems. By means of two step belt encapsulation equipment installed, ProSPIN system enables elimination of erosion of drawing system front top roller. This apron covering is sufficient to maintain the yarn quality for an extended period of time. Modification of current Ring spinning machinery by means of ProSPIN system can be done more simply and quickly compared to all other modified compact spinning systems. Elements such as additional output shaft, suction equipment (motor, suction hoses, slotted suction profiles) which are required for currently existing most common modified compact system, are not required.

You can buy ProSPIN technology, we developed in order to increase the yarn endurance, with investment incentive certificate. To buy ProSPIN within the scope of investement incentive certificate, please click the legal text.

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