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About Özdilek

Founded in 1971, Özdilek Holding firmly walks towards its 50th year, still preserving the excitement and faith of the first day.

With its foundations set through an innovative perspective and customer satisfaction, Özdilek aims to become a reliable, dynamic and leading brand in every area of activity it conducts business in.

Main areas of interest for Özdilek Holding, in addition to the home textile production, which it has specialized in, are food and energy production; retail merchandising; spa and wellness center, cafe - restaurant, movie theatre, tourism - hotel management; shopping malls, e - commerce, construction and insurance businesses.

With a team of more than 8,000 individuals in production, retail and service operations, Özdilek Holding serves to 70 million visitors yeary.


The course of Özdilek Holding, which began with a 30 square meters towel shop in Bursa Kapalı Çarşı (covered bazaar) in 1967, continues today with 14 shopping malls, 6 hypermarkets, 4 department stores outside of the company-owned shopping malls, 143 home textile stores and Ozdilekteyim. com online shopping website, “without any compromises from quality, aiming to serve quality products and services to its customers wherever the need arises”.

In addition to these locations, Özdilek serves home textile products at 800 domestic and 30 foreign sales points through a total of 20 regional dealers, 12 of which are in Turkey, adding value to retailing, both with high quality products and an outstanding service concept.

In summary, Özdilek branded products are available at almost a thousand locations in Turkey, in addition to many locations in Albania, Iraq, Iran, Montenegro, Cyprus, Kosovo, Lebanon, Romania, and Russia.

Furthermore, Özdilek Hypermarkets serve to the customers at 20 spots in total, both in company-owned shopping malls and as seperate entities in Ataevler, Gemlik, Gürsu, İnegöl, Kaplıkaya and Özlüce within the boundaries of Bursa province, providing abundant products of a wide variety at affordable prices.


The history of production of Özdilek, which began in the year 1971 with two weaving looms, 5 employees and a yearly production capacity of 10 tons of towels in Bursa, where the towel was first produced, continues today in facilities with 122,000 square meters closed production area, with yearly production capacities of 14,000 tons of cotton yarns, 10,000 tons of towels - bathrobes and 18,000,000 meters of beddings - bed linens.

Özdilek Home Textile, with fully integrated production facilities, is among the top manufacturers in towel - bathrobe production and is currently the highest capacity manufacturer and exporter in Europe, North America and the Middle East. It is also the highest capacity manufacturer in Turkey as well, with 110 million USD worth of turnover.

Today, Özdilek is positioned as one of the outstanding producers with its cotton yarn, towel - bathrobe weaving, towel - bathrobe dyeing, towel - bathrobe manufacturing, dye printing and bedding - bed linen manufacturing facilities, thanks to its qualityoriented production.

In addition to the textile manufacturing, in line with the philosophy of serving even more quality products to its customers in food sector, Özdilek produces ice-cream under “Sütfest” brand in its headquarters in Bursa, Turkish delights in Afyonkarahisar facilities under the brand of “Özdilek Lokum”, and performs stock farming activities in Tabiat Agriculture Farm, located in Bursa Yenişehir.

Özdilek produces its own electricity to supply the needs of the holding’s factories, shopping malls and management offices located in Bursa, along with half of their heating and hot water needs, in Özakım Cogeneration Facilities, utilizing natural gas.

This facility was built in 2001 and used to supply these needs with a gas turbine. It was completely renovated in 2011 and a gas engine cogeneration facility was added to it, making it more efficient and effective. Today the facility produces 4,300 kW/h electricity, 3 tons of steam and 1,600 kW hot water energy.

On the other hand, Özakım Trigeneration Facilities located within Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek Hotel, which is under the corporate body of Özdilek Hotel - Tourism, came into operation in 2017, and are capable of supplying all the electricity need of this facility, along with 70% of the heating need and 50% of the cooling need, utilizing natural gas for the process. The production volume of this facility is 800 kW/h electricity, 800 kW heat and 850 kW cooling energy


Özdilek Holding earns 30 million USD turnover every year, as a result of exporting to European Union and various regions of the world, particularly to the USA and Germany.

Furthermore, it has conducted a total of 750 million USD worth of exports since its foundation.

Özdilek owns 47.5% share of Tex Idea GmbH company, which was founded in 2007 in Germany. Through Tex Idea company, Özdilek exports a good deal of products, ranging from textile to furniture to European market, Germany being in the first place. As a result of these activities, Tex Idea earns 50 million EUR turnover annually.

Özdilek USA company was established in the USA, Florida, in 2017 with the primary aim of exporting various Özdilek branded products to the USA under the brand of “Sadem”.


Özdilek touches to the lives of millions of customers through Özdilek Shopping Mall service locations, where it serves for all demands ranging from fashion to food and technology to entertainment, for all ages from 7 to 70, with the principle of “Absolute Customer Satisfaction”.

In 2009 in Antalya, a new “ÖzdilekPark Concept” was created with ÖzdilekPark Antalya Shopping Mall, which was designed diversely from the traditional Özdilek Shopping Mall concept. With its leasable selling spaces, this new concept assembles different brands under the same roof, serving to customers in Antalya, Bursa and İstanbul.

As of today, Özdilek and ÖzdilekPark Shopping Malls serve in 12 cities of Turkey, namely in Afyonkarahisar, Antalya, Bolu, Bursa, Düzce, Eskişehir, İstanbul, İzmir, Kocaeli, Manisa, Uşak and Yalova, in a total of 14 locations.


Özlü Insurance was founded in Bursa in 1992 to serve Özdilek Companies Group and now provides insurance services in the elementary branch to many customers.

Özdilek maintains the customer satisfaction orientation here as well, and offers global standards and innovative approaches with Özlü Insurance, aiming to deliver insurance services and products to its consumers with ease.

Özlü Insurance serves mandatory earthquake, traffic, automobile, residence, workplace (fire), responsibility and personal accident, construction (All Risk), aircraft, hull and transportation insurances with the experience of many years of devoted service.


Özdilek Holding hosts its guests with Safahat Restaurant, Cafe Safahat, Caréme Restaurant, Partly Cloudy Cafe, Cafe Gold Time and Vertice Cafe & Brasserie brands with over 30 years of experience in cafe and restaurant management sector.

Özdilek began its cafe and restaurant management journey at its headquarters in Bursa, in 1983 and crowned this operation with “Safahat” brand in 2015. Safahat Restaurant and Cafe Safahat serve in 17 locations in Turkey, in Özdilek Shopping Malls and Hypermarkets in Afyonkarahisar, Bolu, Bursa, Düzce, Eskişehir, İstanbul, İzmir, Manisa, Uşak and Yalova, with many years of experience, offering delights, meticulously prepared by master chefs.

Careme Restaurant brings unique tastes from Turkish and world cuisines together, hosting its guests in Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent and Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek with its impeccable service quality and chic decoration.

Partly Cloudy Cafe has a menu of numerous healthy and fresh snacks and provides delicious and enjoyable meals to its guests. Partly Cloudy Cafe currently serves in three locations, namely Qualitasspa Eskişehir, Qualitasspa İstanbul and Qualitasspa İzmir.

Cafe Gold Time localities can be found in Özdilek Kocaeli Shopping Mall, ÖzdilekPark Bursa Nilüfer and ÖzdilekPark İstanbul, having wide and delicious range of products, from hot beverages to cold drinks and from ice cream to cakes and cold sandwiches.

Vertice Cafe & Brasserie provides a chic location alternative with masterfully crafted delights, food and drink aperitifs and is located both in Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent and Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek; while Ozone Night Club hosts its guests for the most enjoyable evenings, combining local and foreign beverages with music.


Özdilek is also a rising value in construction sector thanks to its housing projects and keeps sharing its experience and knowledge in this area for the satisfaction of its customers as well.

Eskişehir Loft Housing Project, which was realized in the most prestigious region of Eskişehir in 2013, was built to become a comfortable and luxurious residential area surrounded with the peace of nature and green. This project is the first housing project of Özdilek. The Group’s second investment in this area is the Atakent Housing Project, located in Kocaeli.

Offering comfortable residences with a greenery area and a natural living environment, Orange City Fethiye Project was realized in 2017 in Nilüfer, which reflects the modern face of Bursa - home to numerous civilizations with its natural beauties and historical background.

Along with these housing projects, Özdilek has been undertaking the constructions of all its entities in collaboration with expert subcontractor companies since 1996 and shares its know-how and experience in construction sector.


Özdilek began movie theatre management in 1998 with Özdilek Kocaeli Shopping Mall and today serves under the brand of “Cinetime” in 9 different locations with 36 3D theatres and 2 units of Atmos sound technology for a total of 70 movie theatres with a seat capacity of 7,873.

Organizing numerous gala activities at different service points in İstanbul and Anatolia, Cinetime has been gathering Turkey’s talented and popular actors and actresses with movie lovers.


Özdilek Hotel - Tourism company within Özdilek Holding, stepped into tourism sector in 2003 with the five-star, 219-room hotel investment in İzmir. Collaborating with Wyndham Hotel Group in 2013, the hotel now continues its journey under the name of Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek. The hotel received “Skalite 2004 City Hotel of the Year” award by İstanbul Skal Club and proved the brand’s power in the sector.

In 2014, Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent Hotel was opened within Özdilek Center in İstanbul Levent, which includes a hotel, a business center and a shopping center in order to reflect the company’s outstanding comfort and service ideals to Özdilek Hotel – Tourism guests, who visit İstanbul.

Having 360 degrees command over the magnificent view of İstanbul, Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent provides constant comfort to its visitors with 389 rooms of various classifications, smart room management system, fast internet access and easy transportation to every location.


Özdilek Holding began its activities in the health sector with the spa and wellness center, located inside the hotel project that was put into service in İzmir in 2003, today offering its outstanding quality and service ideals to over 2,000 guests in Eskişehir, İstanbul, and İzmir under the brand of “Qualitasspa”.

Qualitasspa maintains its services since 2003 with a total of 11,428 square meters of sauna, Finnish bath and Turkish bath, utilizing cutting edge technology - particularly shock and jet showers - along with its professional, customer satisfaction oriented personnel.

The brand currently delivers its services in Özdilek Eskişehir Shopping Mall, Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent Hotel, and Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek Hotel.


The company also has taken steps into agriculture and livestock breeding with Tabiat Agriculture Farm that was built with the idea of “Producing the highest quality and most delicious meat in Turkey and the world”. In that regard, Tabiat Agriculture and Özdilek always deliver reliable and quality products to their customers.

Tabiat Agriculture is built upon 800 decares of land and contains 40 decares of breeding farm and quarantine area, 730 decares of agriculture land, and 30 decares of training and research facilities.

Tabiat Agriculture Breeding Farm was built in 2012, having a yearly capacity of 2,400, with an adhoc capacity of 1,600 bovine livestocks. With 1.5 million USD investment in 2017, its adhoc capacity was increased to 2,400 bovine livestocks and yearly capacity was increased to 3,600. Tabiat Agriculture prefers to breed Charolais, Limousine, Holstein, Angus, Simmental and Belgian Blue cattle breeds.

All production processes in the farm are conducted under ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System essentials and in hygienic and reliable environments.


Building all its production and sales processes based on customer satisfaction, Özdilek activated its online shopping website “” to deliver the highest quality products to its customers with almost half a century of experience and know-how. is composed of two separate parts, namely the hypermarket and the store, and is a rich platform where users can reach to numerous brands in an online environment.

The shop operation of serves all over Turkey, and the hypermarket operation serves to 5 cities, forming a service point where users can find numerous products under one roof and shop safely.


Located in Özdilek Center, which was built on a 27,000 square meters land on the Büyükdere Lane in Levent, the heart of İstanbul, where Europe and Asia come closest to each other, River Plaza has 35,000 square meters leasable area. It contains a special, 2,800 square meters green recreational area on a patio, designed for office clients. To increase the life quality and the productivity of the office workers, River Plaza has a direct connection to ÖzdilekPark İstanbul, located right next to it and aims to deliver the best services to its clients out of working hours as well.

River Plaza is located in Levent, one of the most prominent regions of the city, and distinguishes itself with ease of transportation. Thanks to the direct connection to Şişhane - Hacıosman and Levent – Hisarüstü subway lines, clients and visitors have easy access to River Plaza under any kind of weather condition. Not only it is located in the heart of mass transit, but it also readily has access to highways and both Bosporus bridges.

With professional building administration, high-level security systems and fully automatized building management systems, River Plaza fully serves to professional life and creates an unparalleled working environment for its clients. River Plaza is also known to have been granted LEED Gold Certificate.

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