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About ProSPIN

Spinning factories started looking for new ways because of the challenging market conditions and the increasing competition. In this context, turning to R & D activities, Özdilek built up an R & D team.

After 5-year of academically supported detailed studies of the R & D team; the ProSPIN system, which owns an international patent, started a new era in ring spinning.

Being able to be integrated to the existing ring spinning machines easily and quickly, the ProSPIN technology enables producing prominently high quality yarn on these machines and started to be utilized on all production facilities of Özdilek as of 2012. 

Özdilek achieved an increase of at least 10% in yarn production, thanks to the ProSPIN modification it developed and increased the performance of weaving, knitting, dying, finishing and printing processes with the quality yarn it produces.

Özdilek R & D team transformed the ProSPIN system into a completely reliable and user friendly system, performing all the enhancement processes in the last 6 years. As a result of successful steps, ProSPIN was launched onto the market in 2018.

Our customers who prefer us due to our mission of reliable and high performance production will be our permanent fellow travellers.

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